Excited Boy Takes Packs of Gifts to Girlfriend’s Secondary School, Gives It to Her in Front of His Mum

A video of a young boy presenting many gifts to his girlfriend in the presence of his mother has gathered lovely comments.

The woman filmed the moment with her phone as they both waited for the girl to walk out of her secondary school building. Many people praised the mother for raising her son well and teaching him how to take care of a woman properly.

A mother has shared a video of one of her children showing love to his girlfriend. With his hands filled with gifts, the woman filmed him. According to the woman, @mrseborn, the boy wanted to make his girl feel good and loved on her birthday.

With balloons and gift bags in his hands, he stood at the entrance of the girl’s school. People said that the mother trained her son well. The boy was so excited and anticipating how his girlfriend would react that he could not even sit on the kerb. He kept smiling, hoping for when the lover would come out.

After the girl had collected the gifts from him, she planted a kiss on his lip. The boy was shyly happy. We compiled some of the reactions below: India said: “It starts at home. Love it.”

Tati said: “Now, this is an acceptable boy mom I can fw.”

TshegoLebone said: “So sweet she walked nervously but her heart is surely happy! that kiss would’ve been so long if mommy wasn’t around ey great job mommy.”

jayionniepage said: “I can’t wait for these moments.”

Melly said: “See I couldn’t kiss him in front of his mom I would of been super shy.”

Joey Swoll said: “Love this! Beautiful moment! You raised a great son! Awesome seeing everyone give you love for that. It always makes my Mom so happy to hear that too!”

Dollface said: “This is beautiful. momma you did good rasining him. his moral compass is beautiful.”

saltysupreme95 said: “This give me hope for my daughter and son that some moms are still raising good children. Thank you!”.

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