Efia Odo flaunts her brand new tattoo on her back [Watch video]

Efia Odo recently got a new tattoo on her back, which is slowly transforming her body into a moving display of art.

The Ghanaian socialite apparently had a professional tattoo artist work on her back in a parlor, and she uploaded a Snapchat video of the entire process and the finished product.

Efia Odo claims that her newest tattoo, an abstract image of herself, is her favorite one so far.

View the video HERE

It’s unknown what motivated Efia Odo to get a new tattoo, but it’s clear that she’s doing all in her power to have “mean bitch” added to her descriptions.

She appears to have had her body tattooed by a tattoo artist based in Atlanta, where she currently resides in the United States.

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