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Capsules For Daily Living/Ep4: Draw Closer To God In Prayer.

Dear friends draw closer to God if you haven’t, please don’t be repulsed by posts like these; made by me or anyone else on this platform or another. A time is coming when you won’t see posts like these on here, not cause it’s stopped but the purpose of it is done, maybe it might please you then.

But think about this, if you agree that you have a spirit or that you are a spirit; what have you done to grow that part of your person? Can you tell when it’s hungry? Can you tell when it’s weak? Can you hear when it speaks? Can you see with it’s eyes? Can you walk with it’s feet? There’s so much you won’t get by living in your bubble. Get closer to God and achieve your full potential, build your relationship with him by getting to know him.

Draw Closer To God In Prayer.
Draw Closer To God In Prayer.

The things of God are simple, think about it: The value of communication is not in talking but being understood; so if God in all his wisdom couldn’t make the scripture or his ways understandable, then I guess his wisdom could be questionable. But thanks be unto him who in his infinite wisdom made it all so simple

In the light of this, i put together a little questionnaire for you as the first step to you knowing God. Call it a map if you will, it’s aim is to help you know where you are and where you need to be.

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Anonymous Tales

If you are up for it, please answer as best as you can; in the comments.

Draw Closer To God In Prayer.


(1) What’s your relationship with God like?

(2) What do you think is missing?

(3) What do you think it should be like?

(4) What kind of relationship do you think he wants with you?

(5) What do you think he wants from you in general?

(6) Do you know his dreams for you?

(7) What do you think are the most important parts of any relationship, something they can’t do without!

If you have your answer, it means you’ve figured out where you are and where you need to be. If you wanna take that journey, feel free to drop a comment with your contact.

Thanks for reading. God bless you

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