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‘Don’t eat the house’ – Reactions As Genius Baker Shows Off Giant Cake That Looks Like Mansion

A Nigerian baker took TikTok by storm after he shared the video of a cake he designed to look like a mansion.

A look at the cake shows that it has a basketball court, a gym and many other things seen in a real mansion.

The giant cake posted by Sucyboy Okatex has caused quite a stir as netizens can’t help but gush over it. Nigerian TikTokers are reacting to the video of an eye-popping giant cake baked by a genius baker.

The amazing artwork was posted on the platform by Sucyboy Okatex, but it has been re-shared many times. Reactions have trailed the giant cake that looks like a big mansion.

The giant cake looks exactly like a mansion, with many storeys rising from the ground up. It parades many things usually seen in real-life mansions. For instance, there is a tennis court, a gym and others.

Amazingly, the structure is standing on human hands which serve as the foundation to hold it up. TikTokers react to video of giant cake

@windin36 said: “It’s so beautiful, please don’t eat it.”

@emiefeestherjeeri commented: “In fact I am following you for this.”

@Nicole said: “Can someone close my mouth for me, whatttttttt! Omo this is out of words.”

@user5925839791913 “Some people’s gift is beyond me.”

@user2291338526517 “O my God this cake is so beautiful.”

Click HERE to watch the Video

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