Does First And Second Fool Really Not Make You A Fool?

I’m a young guy in level 300 of one of the popular universities in Ashanti region. In level 200 I met this nice lady in my hostel whom I fell in love with. I got close to her and she was always giving me attitude so I decided to keep my distance.
So fast forward we vacated and I was doing my internship.
So two weeks before I end my internship I was going through my phone and saw I still had her number so I decided to call and see if she has changed. To my surprise she has become more friendly and as usual, we talked for a while and we started texting.

She stayed at madina and I am at East legon so we met one Saturday and went to a restaurant. I proposed there and she accepted and asked me to take her to my house. We went to my house and spent like 3 hours and mind you my parents had traveled out of the country so it was left with me and the house help and security man and I didn’t touch this girl because I wanted her to know I truely love her but not because of sex.
Fast forward we came to school in January earlier than the actual reopening date because we wanted to spend more time together.
After 2 weeks she said she wanted to go home because the teachers were on strike and she felt useless on campus. Not knowing she was still seeing her ex and the guy has asked her to come and stay with him so she went.

Does First And Second Fool Really Not Make You A Fool?

The day she was leaving, we had countless ‘rounds’ in the morning and before she was leaving, she held me hugged me tight and told me she loves me very much not knowing she was going to cheat. So fast forward academic activities resumed and she came back and everything was normal. Vals day came and I bought her a gift.
Her birthday too came and I took her out. We were happy but she had a problem of calling for a breakup after least issues we get.
So one day I went to her place and asked her that, if she doesn’t love me, she should just tell me and started crying confessing everything she has done to me and asked me to forgive her and I did forgive her because I loved this girl very much.

Does First And Second Fool Really Not Make You A Fool?

She started to change and acting very nice. One week for us to vacate, I found out she was making plans with her ex on where to go when they go home. I confronted her and she said I shouldn’t worry because she is just playing. We went on vacation and I had to send her money to buy food and braid because she said her parents said they were not having money. This girl went to her ex to get laid again and this time she deleted all their chat for me not to see. So when we came back to school one Saturday, I took her phone on Sunday and was just scrolling through her pictures and I saw one contraceptive which she had taken a picture of with her phone so I called and asked her if she had sex with someone but she denied and later saw I have seen the evidence and she came clean to me. At that moment, I was heartbroken and I cried like a baby. She started apologising to me to forgive her. She cried and knelt before me crying and talking about how she loves me and doesn’t want to loose me so i should forgive her.

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Does First And Second Fool Really Not Make You A Fool?
Does First And Second Fool Really Not Make You A Fool?

I took care of this girl the whole of last semester and even bought her provisions last and this semester and this is how she repays me.
Mind you this same girl has plans with her ex boyfriend who has a AS genotype with she also having AS on how to get some medicine to help reduce the effects on their children. She said she is just testing the guy to see if he loves her. Guys please I’m confused. I don’t know what to do and I need your advice.

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