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Details: How I Became A Playboy.

This is how i became so heartless and a f*ck boy of which am not proud of. With your advise i will break up with the 3 girls before the week ends and this is how it all started.

I was a kind, loving and faithful guy when i fell in love with this girl when i was in S.H.S 2 in 2017. We dated for 2years with no sex, she claimed she was a virgin and was afraid to have sex with me which i was cool with but as time went by my friend influenced me whenever they talked about sex matters so i was curious and wanted to try it but she didn’t let me so i had to end the relationship because 2 years with no sex was looking like some sort punishment for me.

Fast forward, year later we got back together, by that time she had already tear her rubber. (Her virginity).
So we starting dating and also we started having sex, she really loved me and so did i. We weren’t that close but we could talk for hours and she would come to visit me in any spare time she gets.
I am into online business so i began to distance myself small focusing more on myself and earning money.

Details: How I Became A Playboy.

Before we got back together, the girl used my picture as her profile picture and kept posting me on her status while she was dating her so called ex (the virgin breaker). I took his number from the girls phone and we started texting and we became friends. She one day noticed me and her ex chatting on WhatsApp so she made me block him.

Not knowing this girl has been laying both of us. She goes to his side and then comes to my side. I never knew until her ex posted her picture and caption bae then i asked him whether they are still together or they no more and his answer was we never broke up bruh.
Then i told him we dating too which he had no idea of, so he was kinda surprise too and i sent him a video i did with my woman about a month ago and he also sent me a video of my woman naked on her bed after they had already do the unthinkable. At that moment, i had a slight broken heart.

Details: How I Became A Playboy.
Details: How I Became A Playboy.

When i asked her, she kept on denying until i sent her the video then she kept mute and never talked. At the point, i was very devastated because she was my first love and i loved her. I trusted her so i even showed her to my parents to confirm that we were together and also i had plans for us but still she did me dirty. From that day, I’ve never been the same anymore. I stopped trusting ladies and i just been smashing and passing with no emotions.

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That’s how i ended up with 3 girls as my side chicks and the ones i have smashed and pass I can’t count.

Details: How I Became A Playboy.

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