Daughter and Dad Reunite After Serving 10 Years in Emotional Clip, Netizens Shed Tears of Joy

A loving daughter and dad warmed netizens’ hearts online by embracing one another after coming from serving 10 years in prison.

Incarceration can take a huge toll on a family, string the relationship between the parent and their children Tears were shed by peeps who were happy for them, and a discussion on fathers ensued in the comment section.

A loving dad and daughter activated netizens’ tear ducts after deeply embracing one another after returning home from serving 10 years. A dad returned from serving 10 years and reunited with his daughter; netizens adored it.

The clip starts with the uncle filming the niece and telling her that the father has been released. MaMa’s Herbal Hair Line uploaded the clip on Facebook and also found it heartwarming, peppering the post with heartfelt emojis.

The daughter beelines for her dad and gives him a massive hug. They embrace one another for the whole video as the daughter cries in her dad’s arms. She ran so fast that her shoes flew off her feet. Having a dad who cares for you and will always have your back is a rare occurrence for many people.

Some netizens shared the same joy the two had, while others talked about a father they wish they had. See the comments below:

Jessica Chanel Parker said: “When He said daddy home baby! I lost it again ”

Telicia Scatliffe mentioned: “That baby came out her shoes ❤️❤️”

Denise Queen commented: “How me and my sisters was when our dad came home from doin 39 years.”

Tee Tee posted: “Girl, why you made me cry this early in the morning ❤️”

Cindy Marie Paul shared: “She made me cry wish my dad was here to meet all his grandbabies ” Kiah Glenn said: “My heart, I am so happy he’s home Father’s really don’t know how much we need them.”

Dee Smith mentioned: “Wheww made me so emotional! I love this! ❤”

LaToya Brown posted: “Baby, I am crying with you ❤️”

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