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“Dating A Nigerian Woman Nowadays Is Like Taking Care Of An Orphan”, Ghanaian Dj Says

Dating as in other words termed as courting [the process of studying each partner], should be the avenue where both parties to the relationship could get to know more of each other.

Also a stage where the families if possible gets accustomed to one another but this seem to be different when it comes to Nigerian girls according to Ghanaian music producer and DJ, Breage Acha Derrick.

According to Breggle Acha Derrick, dating a Nigerian girl these days is like taking care or an orphan.

He later added that you don’t know maybe the person (lady) needs help or love; just because of how steadily the financial assistance from the boy to the girl grows per every second.

A fan named KNUST_BA commented saying “They’re dating for money.”

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