Date Sugar Daddies And Stop Dating Young Guys Because They Won’t Add Anything Valuable To Your Life In Relationship – Young Lady Advises

A video of a Ghanaian young lady advising her fellow women to date sugar daddies only if they want to get their basic needs in relationship has gone viral on the internet.

A short viral video that went viral online showed a young beautiful lady revealing why she prefers Sugar Daddies over young guys in relationships.

According to her, young boys will always make excuses for her to date them, whereas Sugar Daddies will supply her with whatever she desires and will make her feel comfortable.

“I like dating Sugar Daddies because they will give me everything I ask for, unlike young guys who will toss you around but not provide for you.”

“Recently, I was about to celebrate my birthday, and my sugar daddy offered me Gh 5000 just for the birthday party celebration, but a youngster will do that.”

Watch The Video HERE

When questioned if Ghc5000 is too much for a birthday gift from a man she had married, she replied, “I would demand that he buy me an earoplane.”

The young lady advising her fellow women said that it is better to steal and stick with someone’s husband rather than dating a young boy who will not add any value to their lives in relationship.

The young lady also stated in the latter part of the video that she is interested in dating sugar daddies since someone will do the same to her when she marries.

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