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Confession: It All Started When This Girl Decided To Be Our Friend.

There’s this girl who completed SHS some two years ago. She became close to me and my girlfriend. So most times she likes to be with us.

But here’s this kind of weird thing she has been doing that i didn’t really like. Which is, she will sometimes off the light on me when we’re in the sitting room and some other kind of kid lifestyle which was weird to me but I tolerate it somehow.

Until she became more attached to me.
I do alot of things in front of her with my girlfriend to let her know we are seriously dating but she still keep coming close to me.

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Fast forward, she came to me one day when i was in my room alone and as we watching the television, she started throwing pillows to me that we should play pillow game.

I was like seriously? Well, it then happened that we kissed each other. But seriously I had to heat my lips after the kiss. I hope u got what I mean.
Another time it happened again and she told me to give her some f***kn.

Confession: It All Started When This Girl Decided To Be Our Friend.

And I asked when was the last time she did. And she was like 2019. Ok that’s way back after school and she said yes. I asked if she has a boyfriend and she was like something of sort but not really. Okay. No pee. So I asked her if really she wanted it. She said yes, i queried again and she still said yes. As a guy who does not want to be tagged as a ‘fearoo’, i said alright, here we go.

After the romance, I wanted to make way in and that was where i realized she’s actually a virgin. And I asked whether she’s a Virgin and she was like yes so she didn’t want to tell me because I would laugh at her.

And I asked her if that’s the reason she behaves childish and her response was in the affirmative.
So we still went ahead to do it i must say, it was very tough. She cried and I felt so bad for her.

Later she started posting stuffs on her status like “why do guys leave after sex and girls fall in love after sex?”. Sometimes she will post a picture of herself and my girlfriend and caption it “in-laws “. She even post me and put a love emoji under it.

Confession: It All Started When This Girl Decided To Be Our Friend.

So i got the feeling that she is trying to get my girlfriend into the known of what happened between the two of us.
Now my girlfriend is suspecting what’s going on between the lady and i because of her recent behaviours.

But the funny thing here is that, she is not complaining or nagging as she’d do some time ago and I don’t really blame her because my girlfriend has been doing this kind of cheating stuffs so she’s not bothered about fighting for what she wants.

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