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Confession: I Am A S.ex Addict And I Need Help.

I am 25 years old And I have been on this platform for a while now reading the confessions of people and I have some little confession to make and if possible get help.

The thing is, I have asked almost every girl in my neighborhood out. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I don’t seem to have any other thing to discuss with ladies except to ask them out. Tricked several girls into relationships just for s.ex. From jhs students to married women. Frankly it’s not all of them I had my way with but a fair number of them have been laid. Including siblings and my friends girlfriends and baby mothers.

Genuinely I am a very kind person but even with a genuine mindset of helping a lady out, when I sense the opportunity to get se.xual with her, I will never hesitate. I even happened to lay some of my relatives (My cousin and mom’s half sister). Remember I once tried to lay my blood sister when I was very young around 6 years but I think that was childishness besides it wasn’t even possible.

I remember i used to rent at dansoman and I was beaten by a group of boys for someone’s girlfriend. And my landlord sacked me because he suspected that I was laying his wife but she only came to watch tv once. I have had many several relationships that never lasts. Most they leave me, some too I will just be randomly calling or texting, mostly only when I need some fun. When they get fed up then that’s a wrap. The longest must have been 2 years but I constantly cheated. Still I make sure to talk to a new person every new day. Almost all the female contacts on my phone have been laid or in the process or I have been bounced. When I am h0rny, even g@y boys who act like women look attractive to me.

Confession: I Am A S.ex Addict And I Need Help.

Now one thing also is that, before I have s.ex with a lady, I will be really comfortable with the lady and at the moment I could do whatever to please her. But immediately I come, and wash down then I will not be able to stand her presence. Even a hug will be difficult to give. There are a few exceptions though because I met some exceptionally wonderful people who I am willing to lay over and over again.

Now my question is, do I have a psychological problem or what I do is normal? I am a kind of person you won’t expect to act like that. Because I am sure when day breaks and I step out and see a fine lady, after saying hello I will only introduce my self and then we continue from there.

Confession: I Am A Sex Addict And I Need Help.
Confession: I Am A S.ex Addict And I Need Help.

I am still remembering more stuff about my childhood which was bad. I used to have this step sister when I was 11 years, we always did so many bad stuff together. Kissing and cuddling almost every day and night. We tried doing the do but was not successful. I remember I how I used to press the girls buttocks when we played together. In class 2, I was caught using a mirror to watch a girls pants. In class 5, I was caught fingering a girl in class. Same class 5, I wrote a letter to a girl and even added valentines card and flowers and chocolate. This issue made me leave the school because the girl’s uncle found out and reported the issue to the school authorities.

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Anonymous Tales

My mind has always been filled with se.xual thoughts and desires since I was very little. I really don’t know the genesis of this problem and I wonder if it’s spiritual. I’ll be reading the comments. I hope to get some tangible suggestions to help solve my problems.

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