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Confession: How ‘Weed’ Toffee Nearly Drove Me Mad.

This is a confession about some weed toffee I took. I have been worrying my elder brothers to be giving me any weed toffee they buy but they only give me small which doesn’t work on me.
So yesterday, one of their friends went to buy it and I ask him to give me some but he gave me small, out of curiosity I insisted he should give me half of de remaining so he got shocked and smiled but later gave me. So I took it and within some few minutes I quickly chewed all. About an hour and half I became more curious because the thing wasn’t working on me.

I became more confused because of how my brothers used to talked about how serious the toffee is. So I sat down and watched some guys playing drought, about a couple of minutes I could feel my neck was paining me which I was not feeling at first then I realise some dizziness but not that much so I taught it might be because I sat for so long. So I shook my head then the neck pain vanished and I didn’t feel de dizziness again so I taught I was normal.

Confession: How ‘Weed’ Toffee Nearly Drove Me Mad.

But as I stood up I felt like someone was pushing my legs to run. Ten I started walking. I walked a few miles but didn’t know where I was going then I returned. After talking to people I could sense that whatever I said was in de morning. Then I felt very hungry as if its been 3 days ago since I ate something. Fastforward I went to buy 3 balls of rice, within 5 minutes I finished it and went for another 2, each cost 2gh so u could imagine how big they were. So I was able to finish 5 balls of rice in about 10 minutes. After eating I felt that my belly was contracting as if my intestines were getting closer, now I became afraid because it was as if they’ve tied my belly with rope.

Then I forced myself and vomited severely. After vomiting, my belly started swelling, I became more afraid. I taught I will die. Then I touched it, I saw it was normal but I felt that my belly was about to burst den I started praying. All this while I refused to inform anyone because the guy that gave me the toffee wasn’t around so no one knew wat was happening to me and I was able to control myself so no one was aware.

Confession: How ‘Weed’ Toffee Nearly Drove Me Mad.
Confession: How ‘Weed’ Toffee Nearly Drove Me Mad.

Then all of a sudden I started laughing, about 15 minutes I never stopped laughing and I didn’t know why I was laughing too. Then I remembered they used to drink coke whenever they booze. They told me it makes dem normal, immediately I went to take 2 bottles of coke. I was the one selling it so no need to pay. After drinking I felt the dizziness again. I even felt it more than b4 so I decided to close the store and sleep. So I closed the store around 8 which I never did before.

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I was very surprised I woke up around 10 in the morning without an eye blink during the night. I was very thankful to God when I was able to wake up. What even annoyed me that, was the guy who gave me the toffee came back from work this evening and wanted to share the toffee with me again. I looked straight into his eyes and didn’t utter a word and pass by.

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