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Capsules For Daily Living/Ep9: Challenge In Life

Life can be full of challenges, and they come in various degrees. As a christian you might be wondering why you are going through a plethora of challenges; why things got suddenly hard ever since you got born again.
Well you must know, that won’t change no matter what you do: there will always be challenges.

But do not despair, there are certain things you must know to give you a clearer perspective on challenges, and make you better equipped to overcome them.

Challenge In Life
Challenge In Life

What To Do When Faced With Challenges

(1) Challenges are food for your faith, and once your faith is growing, it means your spirit is in good condition.

(2) Don’t fear challenges, welcome them, they do not show up to make you fail.

(3) Be patient when going through a challenge and learn what you need to, but do not spend too long on the challenge, that could become stagnation.

(4) Dependability on God: It is to help you figure out how much, or if you truly are dependent on God; If you’ve put your trust in him, what do you turn to when you are challenged: The word or the arm of flesh.

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(5) God’s works on display: It’s an opportunity for God to show himself mighty in your life, to show his love for you and everlasting power. So don’t cheat God out of that opportunity by acting in unbelief, or seeking other mediums; Act your faith and watch the Lord work.

(6) The place of his word: Whenever a package is crushed or damaged, it’s contents are forced to show; so ask yourself this: If challenges should press me, will “the word” come out or complaints? When challenges come, it is to figure out how much of the word you have stored in you.

Challenge In Life

My prayer is: if anyone here is going through any challenge, the Lord will deliver you in Jesus name Amen.

Lastly friends, form the habit of recounting the challenges, hardships, delays and rejections you faced and overcame; they are a huge source of strength and faith in times of challenges.

Thanks for reading, God bless you.

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