Caught Between Heeding To My Parents Advice Or My Feelings.

I’m a 33 years old man. I was dating a lady of 23 years old. We were seriously in love with each other. We are from the same hometown in bauchi tafawa balewa LGA to be precise and I’m an engineer by discipline while she a health personnel. 1 year down the line, we were preparing for our introduction when she suddenly got pregnant for me. Her family sent for me to come and confirm the man whom had put their daughter in a family way.

So I got there with some of my family members. I was asked to pay for damages while I outrightly did as asked but after she delivers we shall complete the necessary formality for our wedding. But in the mean time she was coming to stay in my home because I was living alone in my house.

Caught Between Heeding To My Parents Advice Or My Feelings.

Things turned sour when she came to live with me so I can take care of her and our baby. Her true colour popped up. She began to give me attitudes like nagging, disrespecting me in public, sometimes she’d snub me whenever I asked her something in public. This pregnancy was just a month old. I said Ok let me put up with her because I understand how pregnant women often times act.

Long story short, 9 months later my son Zion came on my birthday which was June 22 this year. It was truly my blood and I was the happiest man on earth the night he came. 3 weeks later after naming, I went to work as an engineer dat i am. Sometimes I work straight 2 days or more without coming home. I know engineers will relate to this better. So I closed late and my mom was very strong with stroke so I decided to check up on her that. night. My military dad asked dat I sleep over in the officers’ base because it was pretty late owing to the high level of insecurities that abounds.

My phone was totally off so all efforts to reach my wife was abortive. I thought since she understood the nature of my work she already knew where I would be.
Unfortunately the next day after finishing my shift, i came home only meet her absence. She had ran away with my beloved son Zion. Mind u there was provision of food items at home but she told my neighbors that I had eloped with another lady and left her alone. She packed her luggages and left in tears.

Caught Between Heeding To My Parents Advice Or My Feelings.
Caught Between Heeding To My Parents Advice Or My Feelings.

My family has been disappointed ever since I broke the news to them. They’ve asked that I don’t look for her since I slept over in the family home and she lied to my neighbors that I had run away. Please your good pieces of advice are highly needed here because I miss my son. And I don’t want to disrespect my parents. They claim that if I go looking for her, she’ll get comfortable with her act. Please what should I do. I will be in the comment sections.

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