Can Hatred Make One Loose Her Pregnancy?

Can I Blame His Mother?

I’m a lady of 29 years and I’ve been in a relationship with my fiancee for all most 2yrs now. Tho, we have our ups and down and some other differences that do happen in a relationship but to the glory of God we always scale through. My problem isn’t about him but his mum.

The first time i saw his mum ,we had a chit chat, we clicked and she sounded very happy to meet me. We met again at a family party of theirs and that’s when i realized she had something against me.

Can Hatred Make One Loose Her Pregnancy?

I greeted her and she didn’t respond very well but i let slide thinking maybe shes stressed, i called her afterwards and she ignored my phone call so i became worried and informed my guy about this and he made it obvious that something is off with his mum.

To make my story short, she called me one day and told me she’s coming to my fiancee’s place and she wouldn’t want to meet me there though I’m not staying with him because i only pay a visit once in a while.

My guy was angry because i heard him talking to someone on the phone about his mum attitude and lots of things she’s done that i can’t put in writing but i thought all this her character might be reduced when we make our relationship official.

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Lately i got pregnant and my guy was so happy about it likewise his father because my soon to he father-in-law loves me so much.

Can Hatred Make One Loose Her Pregnancy?

He told his mum about it but the woman was still bent on her hatred for me that she didn’t call me to show a concern and acted like she wasnt aware of the pregnancy but my soon to be father-in-law always call me from time to time check on me buh unfortunately, i lost the pregnancy after 2 months.

My guy said he wont tell his mum anything about it because she didnt show any concern about it in the first instance.

Please Anonymous Tales Family, advice me on what to do because this is gradually leading me into depression and I’m loosing my mind.

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