My Boyfriend Is Denying The Pregnancy.

I’m a 21 year old girl. I recently broke my virginity with my boyfriend and he is now denying the pregnancy. The issue here is, on our second sex I had an infection and questioned him if he’s been sleeping around. But he solemnly denied. Fast forward ,before our third sex I begged him to use protection because I was scared. He told me that condom turns him off and he will pull out. Even tho I wasn’t okay with that, I accepted it.

Frankly speaking guys, I didn’t see him cum so I wasn’t moved  to take a contraceptive. So the next day he asked me to buy the pill. I ask him for money for that but never came. So I bought the pill myself and took it, mind you he has never given me money before. When you ask it’s either the bank saids tomorrow or his momo account has been blocked.

So fast forward, I was supposed to have my period on the 4th of June but nothing came. Two weeks before this I went for prayers and was told never to have an abortion. She said she is seeing only one egg in my womb. Which technically means I’ll not have kids if I have an abortion. I  spoke with my best friend and she suggested I take a test. I took the text and it came out positive.

Boyfriend denying the pregnancy.

Contacted my boyfriend but his line wasn’t going through. I asked his twin to ask  him to call me but he didn’t call. I called again and this time he answered lying that he has been calling but my line wasn’t going through. Went on to tell him what was going on and asked me to take another test. I did and it came out positive. He still didn’t believe so he told me we’d go to the  hospital the next day to find out.

The next day came, I called this guy severally before he answered saying he can’t make it. I cried and called my cousin to talk to talk to him. That’s when he agreed that we did go the next day. The next day he asked me to meet him at adenta because that’s where he leaves. I work at ogbojo but was feeling dizzy so I asked him to meet me at atomic. I got there and called him severally but didn’t answer. On my way home he called and asked me where I was but I hanged up on him.

Called my friend and we decided it best I take the pill because it’ll become difficult to get rid of. Took the pill and bled for two weeks without my boyfriend calling to ask how I was doing. I’m not proud of what I did but that was the only option. I’m sort of the angel in my family, and my mum is very strict on abortion and sex before marriage.

Denying the pregnancy
Boyfriend denying the pregnancy.

So on Monday I texted him asking if he thinks he is being fair but had no responses. I texted him again and what he said was I fake. I don’t know what to say to this guy. It hurt so bad because first he accused me of not being a virgin and now I faked the pregnancy. I want to curse him because I can’t be suffering in future whiles he will be leaving his life. We did this together and we have to face the out come together.

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