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At 25, I’m Having An Affair With A 15 Years Old Girl And I’m Scared.

I’m a young guy of 25 years of age and there’s this girl who’s just 15yrs. We became friends recently, somewhere October 2021 and early this year she began visiting me at my house.

Actually her friend who is my friend brought her to my workplace and as time went by she became closer to me more than her friend who brought her to meSo recently she followed me to my house and stayed for a while. While she was there, she took my phone and started playing game, whiles I was watching TV. Few minutes later I noticed she had opened a porn site on my phone and watching porn so I asked her why she was watching that, she didn’t say anything, so I left her. She began to play with my ears and I started to wonder what she wanted so I also decide to test her by playing with her nipples, she then closed her eyes and began to kiss me. I was surprised because I never expected that from her. I was also drawn in the mood, she then told me she’s a virgin but she wants me to break her, my heart started beating fast because I haven’t had sex before as a 25yr old guy. I didn’t know what to do but all the same at the end of the day I did it and she cried and became sad for some minutes, I then consoled her and she stopped crying.

The following day she came to my place, it was a Sunday and I was surprised to see her because I wasn’t expecting her. We had sex again and that day I released inside her. I became nervous because I was afraid she’ll get pregnant so I had to take the necessary measures to avoid that, she cried on the second day too and I asked her why she was crying and she said she’s feeling pains, I consoled her and advised myself I won’t sex her again.

At 25, I’m Having An Affair With A 15 Years Old Girl And I’m Scared.

Two weeks later she came to my place again, this time around I had made up my mind not to have sex her because it seems she doesn’t enjoy it as she’s always crying so as she came, I just sat in the chair while she was laying on the bed.

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Anonymous Tales

I was watching my movie as usual while she was watching funny clips on my phone.

All of a sudden she said ants are biting her on the bed so she moved from the bed and sat beside me on the sofa. I didn’t mind her. 2 minutes later she started to cuddle her hands on my ears and beards, I acted as though she isn’t even touching me. So she placed the phone down and this time around sat on me and began kissing me, so I told her plainly that I don’t want to have sex today, she didn’t say anything.

She continued kissing me and I was carried away by the kiss and began kissing back, as she sat on my I felt to go and urinate but due to the fact that she was sitting on me and kissing me I couldn’t go, she began to unzip my trousers and I also removed her undies and I inserted my “cassava” into her “Doodly Doo” (still the urine was boiling out). She began to ride me until for some reasons, she began started more than ever. I felt like I was about to release and I removed my “cassava” from her “doodly doo” but this time around as I removed it I didn’t release outside and I don’t know if I released in her because of the urine but when I removed my “cassava” I noticed there was sperms around it so I went to Urinate only to come back and find her crying. 

At 25,  I’m Having An Affair With A 15 Years Old Girl And I’m Scared.
At 25, I’m Having An Affair With A 15 Years Old Girl And I’m Scared.

So the question is?

1.  Why is she always crying after sex which she herself began?

2. Is it possible for my sperms to bypass the urine I held in my penis and enter her?

3. Do girls release when having sex?

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