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As Date For My Marriage Was Been Set, I Got Pregnant For Another Guy.

I am 20 years and I have a fiancee who is 11 years older than me. Since I was 17 years, this guy has been asking me for marriage and I had no interest in marrying him. I had a phobia for marriage even till now. I got admission in school I had someone I was dating. Now the guy has been persistent even when I told him I don’t want to marry. I had fears for it. Was considering a lot of things but at a point, I accepted, not fully.

I agreed to go see his parents, meanwhile I still had a date in school. After my exams, I broke up with the guy in school, then came back and the guy that wants to settle with me was making plans of settling down immediately. I developed love for him and I wasn’t into any other relationship. Along the line, I noticed I was pregnant for my date in school who I broke up with.

As Date For My Marriage Was Been Set, I Got Pregnant For Another Guy.

I aborted the pregnancy because I couldn’t keep it. Was given drugs by the nurse I confided in after she took pregnancy test on me. I didn’t know the drugs will be heavy on me and i pretended I was fine but I wasn’t. Felt severe and hurting pains. I was scared of my fiancee knowing and I really felt bad. I opened up to him and asked him to forgive me and the way he treated me, made me feel everything will be fine.

He had to get drugs to make sure I was fine. Called to check up on me but after some time he changed towards me. I know I messed up, I really did and i am very remorseful about it. I have gone on my knees to beg him and was willing to go see his parents to tell them the situation because they are on he’s neck to fix dates. Now he said he’s no longer with me. I am feeling really down, like my life is shattered. I’m dying in silent because my parents are aware he’s coming for my hand in marriage. I’m feeling like all hope is lost for me. I know I really messed up and i am so sorry about it.

As Date For My Marriage Was Been Set, I Got Pregnant For Another Guy.
As Date For My Marriage Was Been Set, I Got Pregnant For Another Guy.

I’ve even tried of doing everything possible just to be with him but he said the love he had for me changed and the trust is broken and he might use it against me. This guy is a good guy and he doesn’t deserve how I wronged him. I told him everything because I felt he will be there for me and because of the love we shared but I didn’t know it will result to this. I am feeling very bad that I opened up. Situations at home is not even helping matters. Everything is just happening at a fast pace and I had begged God for forgiveness. I don’t just know what to do please advice me.

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