As A Mother Of 5 Kids, Every Man Still Want Me In Their Bed.

I’m married with 5 kids but other men won’t let me rest anywhere I go. It’s all started when I was a youth. When I was about getting married I had to choose one from among seven men asking for my hand in marriage. I thought it’s because of my sprinters age that causes that but no.

Sometimes it’s start from in my dreams. I’ll be dreaming of cute guys asking for my hand in marriage and when I wake up it’s happens in real life. Sometimes my husband’s friends and even his colleagues in the office will be after me. Mind you, am not the type that dress naked before you will judge me. I make sure I dress like a mother that i am.

As A Mother Of 5 Kids, Every Man Still Want Me In Their Bed.

Both the ones that knows that i am married with kids and the ones that don’t know anything about me move to me, even in my shop. I do sell ladies wear, sometimes men will come with their girl friends or their wives to shop but on seeing me, they will forget they came with someone and start staring at me. Some will manage to go and come back for my number or asking me out.

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If I say i am married they won’t believe. They will say am making that up and it’s not as if I can even cheat on my husband because I love him so much, and their tradition won’t let me do that too. If I cheat on my husband I’ll either run mad or loose my first son.

So my people, please advice me on what I need to do for men to stay away from me. I don’t want anything that will bring problems between me and my husband and please is this normal or spiritual because I just woke up from a dream where two men are fighting over me. And whatever I see in my dreams seems to happen in real life. Every single guy want me. I don’t know why, am not a flirt and don’t look like one.

As A Mother Of 5 Kids, Every Man Still Want Me  In Their Bed.
As A Mother Of 5 Kids, Every Man Still Want Me In Their Bed.

I am confused right now, or is it that all other women go through this or i am alone in this. I am scared of telling my husband what I go through each time I go out. Please help a sister. Sorry for the long post. Please no insult. I just need help and thank you. Please notify me when you post i so can be following the comments.

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