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Argentina Vrs Netherlands: The Post-Match Analysis

Lots of talks about the Argentine team and how they could easily be beaten stirred emotions and marred the beauty of the game. There was too much of emotions in the match that made the game subpar the quality expected of the two opponents.

Netherlands completely dominated through out the entire game. This was enabled by;

a. Argentina’s passive pressing. Messi and Alvarez were not pressing enough. The WB’s also chose to be in settled positions at the back. The South America’s 2 V5 and 2 Vs 4 enabled the Dutch to easily played from the Back. VVD championed this and they were superb until Molina’s goal.

b. The Dutch’s aggressive pressing.
Unlike their counterparts, the Dutch were superior tactically. They pressed in a 2-3-5 (with VVD and Ake left in front of the goalie) and 1-4-5 ( with only VVD in front of the Goalie) formations. This of course was aided by the passive pressing and poor positional play by Argentina.

Timber (RCB) and Ake(LCB) would move to occupy the WB positions. The WB’s in Dumfries and Blind would then move upfront to join 3 attackers in Gakpo, Bergwijn and Depay•••• creating 5 V 5 situations. Argentina therefore did not really enjoy the benefit of a Back 5. That possible advantage was canceled by the tactical system put up by Van Gaal.

This meant that Martinez (LCB) and Romaro (RCB) could not move up to create a possible 5 Vs 3 in midfield and 4 Vs 3 in attack as they would have planned. This allowed the Durch to pin them back and bombarded them with countless crosses.

If only they could be a little brave and press aggressively. Their passive pressing is not helping them. Lots of work to be done.

Netherlands Strengths vs Argentina’s biggest Mistake.

Netherlands made use of aerial duels ( their biggest strength). Having gone 2 goals down, they introduced two very good aerial threats in for Weghorst and L. De Jong. The biggest mistake Argentina made was to sit back. They virtually ceased playing football.

They were just clearing the balls with no purpose and direction. The defensive mentality did not make sense with their arrowhead being Messi who is very minute, short and physically weaker, comparatively.

If the coach really wanted to play this “senseless” football he would have at least redrawn Messi for someone could hold up and help the defence. In all the time they were sitting back, Messi became non-functional.

However, he could have continued playing what they playing. Even though they were not playing better, they were able to score two. Why change the system and sat back? It doesn’t make any sense and they nearly got punished for it. They made it easy for the Dutch to come back into the game.

They made the game aerial duels based and that completely took lots of the Argentine defenders out of the game. They played every single ball into the box. Weghorst was monstrous and would have been the MOTM if they had won.

Argentina were lucky to get away with that win. They forgot to do the simple things and nearly got punished for it. Fair play to the Dutch. Again, they got saved by individual brilliance but for HOW LONG?????

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