An Absent Father Must Be Absent Forever.

I’m a lady aged 24yrs and am pregnant for a guy who’s 28yrs old. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I called him and his response was ‘I’m not ready to have a child now and that I needed to abort it’. Then I told him this is my first pregnancy and I’m not willing to abort because I can’t manage to stay with the guilty for the rest of my life knowing i murdered my own child so if you don’t want to be part of the child’s life then fine, I’m not going to force you because that your decision but please in future never come into the child’s life because you have denied the responsibility.

An Absent Father Must Be Absent Forever.

Two weeks later, he came saying he wants the child and if I need anything I can tell him. I told ok fine since this is what you want, I won’t deny you the right to be the father. Now he is acting the opposite. If I don’t call him, he can’t call me and he just gives lame excuses like ‘i am going somewhere, I’ll call you when there’, let me just close the fridge, I’ll get back to you.

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Sometimes I call him and doesn’t even pick up and he won’t even call back when he finds missed calls. It’s like he’s not concerned about the child. I am 6 months pregnant and he hasn’t even bought anything for the child but he is working.

An Absent Father Must Be Absent Forever.
An Absent Father Must Be Absent Forever.

Please people I need your advice. I feel so bad about the whole situation. I just want to deny this guy the opportunity of being the father. Is it ok if I want to give the baby my names? Those of you who have been in my situation, how did you handle it? Because I feel a man who’s not present during pregnancy, shouldn’t be present after the child is born.

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