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American Airlines Crew Helps 21-Year-Old Woman Deliver Baby Boy Mid-Flight

A 21-year-old American woman named Kendria Rhoden gave birth in an American Airline flight that took off in New York Kendria was travelling to the Dominican Republic after she was cleared by her doctors ahead of her due date.

The beautiful baby boy born some 36,000 feet above has been named Skylen Kavon-Air Francis after his airborne arrival. A newborn baby boy was born 36,000 feet in the air after his mother went into labour mid-flight. Kendria was travelling to Dominican republic when she went into labour and gave birth mid-flight.

The 21-year-old mother named Kendria Rhoden was travelling to the Dominican Republic when her water broke. Kendria’s water broke CBS News reports that the young woman was weeks ahead of her delivery date before she boarded the American Airlines flight from New York.

Soon after the flight took off, the new mum started experiencing cramps which refused to stop. She soon announced to the members of her family who were around that her water had broken and she couldn’t hold the baby any longer. “These carried on and 34 minutes into the flight, my waters broke. The cabin crew were such a big help,” she recalled. Baby boy named Skylen.

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According to her sister Kendalee, she did not believe it until Kendria stood up and the entire seat was drenched. It was at that point that the young woman was taken to the back of the plane for an emergency delivery. After about 20 minutes, an announcement was made that the aircraft had gotten a new passenger aboard, a beautiful baby boy named Skylen.

I just remember everyone filming us when we were coming off the plane, and they were all saying congratulations to me,” the new mother said.

Nationality of babies born mid-air

Larry Madowo Discloses Flying Precision Air 2 Months Before Fatal Lake Victoria Crash: “It’s Well Respected” Although it is not standard practice, most airlines usually offer free travel for life to babies born on their aircraft.

One question that oftentimes brings complications is the child’s nationality when they are born in the vessel above sea level. Some countries apply the law of jus sanguinis, which is Latin for “right of blood.”

In other words, the baby takes the nationality of the parents even if he or she is born in another country’s airspace. Other countries like the US and Canada observe the law of jus soli, which means “right of the soil.”

In other words, once a baby is born in their airspace or land, they are offered the country’s citizenship regardless of the parents’ nationalities.

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