After Making Her See The World, She Doesn’t Rate Me Again.

I met this lady when i went to do my internship at one of the girls school in Kumasi. She was in form 3 at that time and was brilliant. As young and fresh guy like me, just imagine how these girls react when they see me. She was worry-some whenever i go to her class to teach. One day I called her and told her she has a great future so she should be serious with her studies. Though she was brilliant, she wasn’t serious. We became cool and other students were jealous and even thinking we were dating. One tutor thought i have snatched her girlfriend from him so he wasn’t in good terms with me.

Fast forward, the form 3’s went on vacation and this girl wanted to pay me a visit but I declined it. One evening i got a call and it was her mum telling me her daughter wants to visit me but i said she should ask permission from her mum so she is calling to tell me she has agreed. I couldn’t say anything because i was surprised. She came and she was decently dressed. We sat down and discuss about life and rumors in school. That’s where i got to know that some group of students have planned to rape me and their actions showed because they visit me everyday at my department and i was nervous.

After Making Her See The World, She Doesn’t Rate Me Again.

That day nothing happened between us because she was my student and i won’t feel good when i later see her in class. So it became a routine where she comes to my house twice or four times a week. I started to have some feelings for her but i ignored it and i saw it in her eyes that she was into me. Whenever she comes around, she will bring me food stuffs and money and sometimes even cook for me. She helped me with my project works. My time for the internship was over so i needed to return to campus to finish with my final semester. Since then I couldn’t stop thinking about this girl. And her mum kept calling to check up on me.

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I secretly bought her university forms and filled her details without letting her know about it. And I know one guy who was responsible for admission in my university so I spoke to him and he agreed to help me admit the girl. Fast forward, I completed and came home. We started dating and i was much interested her. I go to her house to spend weekends and her mum was cool, she also comes to my end. 3 months later I told her she will go to school and she didn’t believe me but i did it. Her mum was happy. I wasn’t having much but they appreciated that effort i made.

After Making Her See The World, She Doesn’t Rate Me Again.
After Making Her See The World, She Doesn’t Rate Me Again.

Two weeks on campus, and her attitude begun to change. Going out with guys. Flirting with other guys. She doesn’t reply my text on time nor call me. She was even going out with my guy who helped me admit her into the school. It has been like this till now and i want to quit but her mum likes me. I know she love me and I think it’s bad influence. She wasn’t like that when she was at home.
Please help me what should i do?

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