After A DNA Test, I Found Out My Two Children Were Not Mine.

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I asked her why she was or is doing it she said she doesn’t know, started blaming her village people, saying it could be a curse, and all. I asked her if I don’t satisfy her on bed, she said I’m every girl’s dream man. And guys, I am, really. Because I remember before meeting her, most of the girls I’ve done a thing with always came back for more. So what could’ve been the reason? I needed to know, so I could fix it. Divorce wasn’t even on my mind because, who could possibly replace her? Also, I have a lot of time for my family, I work for less than 8 hours a day, some times 3 or 4, I had time for my family, a lot of it. So what could be the reason? I didn’t get this answer, so I forgave my baby and promised not to ever make her remember her “past” in any way. We even had some appointments with marriage councilors, and everything was good again, I thought.

My wife kept apologising daily, telling me how I’m her life, the air she breaths and all, telling me how she couldn’t stay a second without me in her life. We were regaining our marriage back, slowly but steadily.

All this I’ve not told any of my family members, in fact, I’ve not told any one apart from my childhood buddy I told about earlier, seeking advices. So I decided to keep it that way by not telling anyone, so nobody would see my baby in a different way. This buddy I told earlier told me if I don’t think about running a DNA Test on my baby boys. At first I was reluctant because what’s the need? Lol, they’re mine, I’m 100% sure bud. But he kept insisting and I bought it.

After A DNA Test, I Found Out My Two Children Were Not Mine.

I did the test on my first son, Lol, you guessed wrong my friend it came out, I wasn’t the dad. Lol I think at this point I was buried, I could literally remember eating my burial rice. I kept quiet, my wife was happy again, the guilt wasn’t really showing, I was getting my family back, so how am I going to tell her about this new discovery? What if she commits suicide? She said she’d die if it’s not me I did the test on my second son, there were some good news in this one, I was the… Lol, I wasn’t the dad, he wasn’t my son either. My world came to an end, how was I going to tell my dad? A man that thought he had at least seen his first set of grannies before reuniting with his maker? How was I gonna tell my mom, my siblings and even my wife about it?

I kept cool, my wife’s birthday is by November, so November 2021 on her 27th birthday, my family had gone back to much of how we used to be, we did an in-house birthday party, just four of us, after everything I gave her the test results. Lol.

She started crying, cleaning my feet, doing like she has gotten mad, I told her to stand up and sit down let’s talk. She did, asked her why? She said maybe when she was cheating on me she mistakenly took in. But twice? Impossible yeah? Me too. But three different DNAs on two boys, from three different hospitals from three different towns can’t lie.

After A DNA Test, I Found Out My Two Children Were Not Mine.
After A DNA Test, I Found Out My Two Children Were Not Mine.

Had to travel home to tell my family (I had called everyone home that I wanted doing a family meeting). I told them, my old man got hit the most, suffering stroke as a result of the shock. Everyone were devastated, our flawless wife? Can’t be. I came back home and my wife had packed out with our kids, lol dropping a note, “We don’t deserve you baby”, I don’t want to talk about what I’ve been through since then, but I’ve healed a bit, after almost a year. I lost my job though, they said I haven’t been productive enough. I’m back home, running the business my pops was running for me back home. God bless us all, thank you my friends for reading, and lastly, please as a guy, always carry out a DNA test on you kids, don’t say you trust her. Thank you.

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