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Ada LA Pinky stirs up controversy as she displays her new appearance on Instagram

Ada La Pinky, a popular Nigerian social media influencer, has set tongues wagging on Instagram by revealing her new look. She shared photos of herself in a pink suit with her newly created long haircut, which she looks stunning in.

She was dressed in a pink attire that went well with her new long hairstyle. Her make-up complemented her skin tone and looked lovely on her face.

She has established herself as a comedian in addition to being a social media influencer, which has helped her get greater fame.

Ada La Pinky has always been known for posting stunning photos of herself on Instagram for modeling purposes, but this time she did something a little different by showing off her new hairstyle, which has slightly altered her image.

People who saw the images had varying reactions to them. Others, who were in awe of her spanking new hairstyle, responded differently to the photographs, while some appreciated her pink clothing and reacted positively to it.

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