’Abort Mission’ – SA Lady Advises Women Against Marrying the Family Breadwinner

One South African woman ruffled a few feathers on Twitter after sharing a piece of relationship advice directed to women.

According to the user @elliewhipwrites, it is not advisable for women to marry men who are the main providers at their family home.

She even advised those who may be in such situations to abort mission and netizens weighed in on the topic.

One lady got Mzansi netizens talking after sharing a piece of advice directed to her fellow sisters online. One lady has advised ladies to reconsider marrying a man who has helped his family out of struggle.

Twitter user @elliewhipwrites took to the bluebird app to warn women against marrying the family breadwinner. She went on to elaborate that it is best to particularly avoid a man who has helped uplift and provide for his family who was once in a significant financial struggle.

“Avoid marrying the family breadwinner bebz. Especially if the family grew up in struggle and he has pulled them out of it. Abort mission!!” she wrote in the tweet.

’Abort Mission’ – SA Lady Advises Women Against Marrying the Family Breadwinner

While some didn’t quite agree with @elliewhipwrites, many could understand her point of view, especially those who know of families that didn’t understand their son going on to start his own family after having been the main provider at home.

Check out some of the comments below: @sibaaa wrote: “This also applies to the opposite gender. Marrying a woman who’s the firstborn and takes care of her family is a lot for the man as well. Get yourself a second born or last born who has no responsibilities and enjoy your relationship/marriage.”

@Knowmeee said: “Sad but true. You will be earning more than him but still ‘eating’ his money.”

@Nkhon_Dipuo commented: “Especially a firstborn from a household that has no dad.”

@Clemy_t responded: “This is so silly.”

@Andrewboy00 replied: “True but it takes a real woman to understand and help him not drop the ball on his family and it’s sad to see the number of women who wouldn’t even try. We are doomed as men.”

@TendaiNyamaropa said: “I thought people married out of love.”

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