9 Months After Her Death, Man Claims He Forgot To Call His Wife’s Parents To Inform Them 

A social media user has taken to his social media to narrate how a man claims to have forgotten to inform his wife’s family about her death after nine months.

According to the narrator, the deceased left Nigeria and got married in America but unfortunately, she passed on over unknown reasons. The husband secretly held the burial and never reached out to her family back in Nigeria to inform them about her passing.

The narrator said that the man kept his dead wife’s phone on charge but refused to answer any of the calls coming from her family from Nigeria.

A sister who also lived in abroad was said to have sighted the grave and called the family in Nigeria to inform them about the passing of their beloved daughter.

When they reached out to the man for confrontation, he claims to have forgotten to inform them about their daughter’s passing after nine good months.

See the screenshot below:

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