69 Years Old Tokyo Sexwale’s Gorgeous Wedding to 24-Year-Old Model Leaves Social Media Users Confused

South African politician Mosima Gabriel “Tokyo” Sexwale’s wedding over the weekend have caused a stir since they started circulating online. The images reveal a gorgeous bride being walked down the aisle as well as Tokyo leaving the wedding venue hand in hand with the woman.

According to reports, the businessman had been dating model Nataxa Da Silva during his divorce from Judy van Vuuren. South African businessman and politician Mosima Gabriel “Tokyo” Sexwale had cyber citizens left with many questions after photos from his recent wedding went viral online.

Tokyo Sexwale’s Wedding appears to have tied the knot this past weekend, leaving many South Africans quite confused. Images shared on Twitter by @Ms_Onesimo show Sexwale dressed in a suit, hand in hand with a young and beautiful bride as they leave the wedding venue.

Sexwale has 4 kids from 2 wives. The post also included photos of the supposed father of the bride walking the woman down the aisle and the wedding reception. “Thought Tokyo Sexwale was already married to the other girly. Looked like a nice wedding,” the tweet was captioned.

Sexwale has two children from his first wife and two from his second wife, Judy van Vuuren, a paralegal he met on Robben Island prison. Following his financial success, he moved into the previously predominantly white suburb of Illovo with his family.

In 2013, Sexwale and his second wife filed for divorce. Sexwale is a 69-year-old anti-apartheid activist. In 2020, ZAlebs reported that Tokyo admitted through his lawyer that he was dating a model during his bitter divorce. Further details indicate that the 24-year-old Nataxa Da Silva is a law student at the University of Pretoria.

Watch The Video From The Wedding HERE

While no official report has been issued confirming the mysterious wedding of the 69-year-old anti-apartheid activist, the photos left many netizens jumping to their own conclusions.

Check out the comments below: @BridgetMasinga: “Is he only marrying Ms DeSanto now? Thought they married years ago after Judy. I’m so confused. Or is this someone else? .”

@Honour18460759: “I’m not even confused per se, but it’s the age gap for me.”
@Big_Dat_: “Tokyo doesn’t play near black women, I wonder .”

@DaMtho_: “That’s why he was talking about spiritual funds.”

@Natz_online: “Is Tokyo the same age as her dad or uncle because that’s a hard pill to swallow for a parent..”

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