5 Lies Cheaters Tell. 

5 Lies Cheaters Tell and no, you’re not being paranoid.

The worst of worse has happened to your relationship. Someone told you they saw your partner with someone else. They’re convinced your partner is cheating on you. You’re stunned. You can’t believe it. How can someone you trusted with your heart and soul, even dare to look at someone else and has the guts to lie about it? You would never do that to them. Why would they? How could they? Did you do something wrong?

You’re devastated, and decide to confront your partner. Here are 5 lies a cheater will tell you in the face without no sign of remorse or let’s say with a bit of that. To spice things up.

Lies cheaters tell.

1. “They’re just a friend”:

Your partner will look shocked when you first accuse them of cheating. Then they’ll laugh awkwardly. Don’t be perturbed for they know what they’re doing.

“Oh them,” they’ll say with a surprised face, “they’re just a friend.”

“But someone saw you with them.”

“You’re imagining things,” they’ll say with a smile. “I would never cheat on you, trust me. They’re an old friend.”

That “old friend” happens to be a perfect ten. That “old friend” at the moment is single. And that “old friend’s” text messages to your partner are much more than friendly. They already have a family through their texts. Pack it up.

You know, because you happened to see the messages on their phone.

A guy I know suffered through this. He thought his girlfriend was truthful when she told him the guy she spent a lot of time with, was ‘just’ a platonic friend. He chose to believe the lie because he loved her so much. In the end, she broke his heart, and left him for the “friend.” First among the lies cheaters tell.

2. “They threw themselves at me”:

Your partner was only trying to do the right thing. The evil home wrecker chased them down. They forced your partner to dress their best and lie to you about where they were going. They coerced your love into having dinner with them at a hotel. Then they forced your partner to get romantic, strip off their clothes, and jump into bed with them.

Your partner tried to resist and warned them to stay away. They told them they were committed to you. They only agreed to a candlelight dinner with them to catch up on old times.

And the only reason they went up to the other’s hotel room, was to make sure that they got in safely. They had no intention of doing anything wrong. The home wrecker said they only wanted to talk. (This is an irony or let’t say, pun intended). Let me digest it further.

What, now you’re jealous?:

You’re crazy. Of course, nothing happened. They were having a great conversation.

Don’t fall for the lie. They knew exactly what they were doing. When your partner opted to go to a romantic dinner with a beautiful stranger at a hotel, they knew what would happen. It was both people’s fault. It takes two to tango.

3. “I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing”:

They’ll insist they did nothing wrong. It’s not your partner’s fault it happened. They were drunk. They didn’t know what they were doing. Your partner was so out of it they thought it was you they were with.

When a wife confronted her husband that cheated on a business trip, he gave her the craziest excuse. It went something like this:

It was the other women’s fault. She was wearing the same perfume that his wife wore. She reminded him of his wife. He then concluded that it’s not someone’s fault if they cheat with someone who’s wearing their wife’s perfume.

Cheaters say if they’re drunk they have no control. It’s never their fault they were unfaithful.

Studies show drunk people know the truth when they are intoxicated. In a study at Missouri College of Arts and Sciences, 67 people drank until intoxicated. Then they were tested. They had to complete error recognition tasks on a computer. The study showed that the people knew they were making mistakes because of the alcohol, yet they didn’t care. Alcohol took away their fear of consequences.

Basically, no matter how drunk they are, cheaters know deep down they’re doing something wrong. Alcohol is a convenient excuse for them. Don’t let yourself be deceived by their lies.They knew exactly what they were doing.

And it’s a red flag if someone were so inebriated, they didn’t even know they were sleeping with someone else. That fact alone should make them quit drinking that minute. If they truly loved you and knew alcohol could threaten your relationship, they’d stop drinking right away and get treatment.

And if they don’t? You have your answer.

Lies cheaters tell.
Lies cheaters tell.

4. “It only happened once”:

They’ll swear the universe that it only happened once. They will continue to deny the truth, even if numerous witnesses saw them together several times.

They’ll think if they admit it only happened once, you should be okay with it. After all, they had a temporary lapse in judgment. You should get over it and forgive them.

They’ll say you should forget it ever happened because they are a good person. After all, it only happened once. They are better than the other bad people, who cheat on their partner more than once. But even in actual sense, what you got the glimpse of was their 100th entanglement.

5. “I’ll never, ever do it again”:

Don’t believe them when they insist that they’ll never cheat again. The old saying about “once a cheater, always a cheater” has endured throughout time for a reason. If they have roaming eyes, it is likely they will never change.

And if they tell you’ve they’ve changed, don’t fall for it. So many loyal partners have believed the one they loved, just to be betrayed again and again. And again.

When you find out the truth and confront them, be prepared for a lot of anger. You see, in their mind, you are the crazy one. They may call you psycho or paranoid, and act like you’re the problem. Certainly, they’ll play victim.

Some of them will accuse you of driving them away and forcing them to cheat on you. They’ll turn everything around and blame it on you.

Every time my friend wasn’t in the mood to have sex with her boyfriend, he’d get furious and insist she was the problem. He told her if she didn’t start complying with his wishes, he’d find another woman to have sex with. No one was surprised when she divorced him . Maybe  except for him. So never fall for this lies cheaters tell.

It’s not your fault they cheated. Don’t let them manipulate you into believing that.

The next time someone feeds you these 5 lies, be aware. You may be dealing with a cheater.

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