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18-year-old Ghanaian who built a wooden, solar-powered electric scooter from scratch

Only God knows what He intended while He was creating the continent of Africa, because of all the continents in the world, Africa is blessed beyond what human intelligence can comprehend.

Should we talk about the beautiful landscapes of the countless works of nature in Africa? What about the mineral resources that are in abundance and even to the people of the continent? Africa is blessed with many people full of beauties, energies, talents and great potentials.

To mention many of the great things Africans are doing, it will just be like wasting someone’s time, because how many of the talented people blessed with Africa can we count, when everyday, across different corners of the continent of Africa, new talents are born and/or discovered.

Even though it is very hard to mention them all, at least we can be mentioning these talented young African geniuses as long as we find out about them.

For example, that’s how a secondary school student from Ghana built an electric scooter powered by solar energy using wood.

Samuel Aboagye is a young inventor from Ghana who has built from scratch an electric scooter powered by solar energy. The young Ghanaian prodigy told news outlets that he made known that the scooter was made to help disabled people in Ghana.

Samuel made it known in a video with BBC that the inspiration behind this is that he wanted to help disabled people, so that they can move easily with the scooter without needing their legs for control.

This scooter was made up of different components, from its batteries, to the solar panels and even to the wooden body of the scooter.

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