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12-year-old Nigerian boy builds huge mansion from ordinary carton box, stuns netizens with his creativity (Video)

A 12-year-old Nigerian boy known as Chinedu has stunned netizens with his creativity as he built huge mansion from ordinary carton box.

The video was shared via social media by TikTok user @maziekhalifa and it captured the young boy showcasing the plush mansion he built.

In the video, the boy showed off the two-storey miniature mansion, showing its features such as a huge compound, balcony and others.

The 12-year-old genius could be seen carrying the huge complete duplex as revealed in the video.

A man was heard in the background talking about how the property resembled the ones sold in the plush neighbourhoods of Nigeria for millions.

Several netizens were impressed by the young boy’s creativity and took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Watch the video HERE

Some reactions are shown below:

@maziekhalifa said, “Please share this video for others to see it. Let’s make him go viral”.

F.Young26 said, “I have a brother who has this sort of talent but he has left it to do yahoo oo”.

FLVOfficial said, “We have to believe in ourselves! We are powerful so we should stop depending on white people to save us. This is proof.”

MMA CHI said, “Nigeria get talent but our government will not help if government didn’t help all TikTok people that get money should help.”

user3480654445658 said, “My boy! The world is waiting for you because you are born to rule the world. I wish you more blessings.”

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